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Top Shooters 4-6

This is a follow up to the last post I made on the site.  I thought i’d be able to post this weekend, but putting it together now.  In the first post about the top shooters I identified the 7th – 10th best shooters in the NBA.  Today we will be talking about shooters #4 – #6.  I tried to talk my buddy Mike (owns and runs Youngstown Roof Services) into getting his son to try out this shot, but he’s not letting me work with him.  I sent him this video to show him that it works and the best shooters in the league do it.  So, we will see what happens.

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Checking out the best shooters

Today’s post is centered on the idea of checking out the top shooters and seeing if I can identify the fundamentals that I teach.  This really shouldn’t be that hard, because you can just watch the shot and see if they are doing what I am teaching my girls.

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Practice Today

Like i’ve said before, we have been incorporating Pro Shot Shooting into our practices here at the high school.  It can be a tough thing to accomplish.  The girls are so use to crappy shooting fundamentals that they want to fight everything that we try to introduce!

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The Art of Shooting

Ok players.  So yesterday I introduced you guys to this new concept in shooting a basketball.  It was the Pro Shot Shooting system developed my coach hoover.  I have been incorporating this into my coaching style when instructing our shooters here in high school.  I coach girls high school basketball.

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First Post –

Ok, so we are off and running my friends!  I decided on a sweet theme for this blog.  I love the game of basketball and even coach it at the high school level too.  I found a new shooting program that NOONE buys into until they see it for themselves.  The old style, change is bad, is a thing of the past bro’s and sis’.  Follow with me and I will take you down the path.

Pro Shot Shooting System

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