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The Finger

Ok, so this is one thing i’ve been slowly struggling with inside the pro shooting system.  I am going to talk about the finger….yes that finger, hahaha.  My buddy mike that i mentioned before, he is the owner of his own business, , and he loves to talk about the finger.  His version and my version are a little bit different though, if you catch what i’m throwing.

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Season Ending Post

So, i figured i’d make a post that deals with the conclusion of our season.  I made sure to implement the pro shooting system into our daily practices and try to make our girls team better shooters.  The results were kind of hard to figure out.  We had four seniors and I found out that it is very hard to change their form or adjust their mechanics when they are used to shooting the same way for 10 years.  They also have to buy into it and believe it.  I think that is the hardest one to achieve…get them to actually believe this will help them make more shots.  In the long run you are talking about taking a 30% shooter and making them a 40% shooter.  In the big picture of things, thats only increasing their made shots by 10.  Maybe scoring 20-23 more points.  The struggle of a new shot, didn’t justify the means for those seniors.  On the other side of the spectrum, we also did the same with our freshman, 8th graders, 7th graders, 6th graders, 5th graders, and yes even some fo the 4th graders.  So we are trying to get them to shoot this way fromt he beginning.  Sometimes they aren’t quite ready for a chance like this, but at least they are giving it a shot.  Each year if they get a little better then thats a bonus.  I do see some good things with our program.  We were also able to break a school record and make 82 three pointers this year.   Our free throw percentage was a little lower than last year, but last years was also a school record.  So we have some good things for the future!

Working on the shooting

We are a team that has won back to back district championships.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Both regional semifinal games were big games we struggled in.  Neither game was dominated by our great offense.  This was the whole reasoning behind trying to find something or somehow fixing our shooting.

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Finally, Shooters 1-3

Ok, finally got back here to finish the previous posts i’ve made.  I did the top 10 shooters in the NBA this past season.  As I think about it, the season is about ready to start again and we are still talking about the 14-15 season.  Oh well, lets crank this baby out!

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Top Shooters 4-6

This is a follow up to the last post I made on the site.  I thought i’d be able to post this weekend, but putting it together now.  In the first post about the top shooters I identified the 7th – 10th best shooters in the NBA.  Today we will be talking about shooters #4 – #6.  I tried to talk my buddy Mike (owns and runs Youngstown Roof Services) into getting his son to try out this shot, but he’s not letting me work with him.  I sent him this video to show him that it works and the best shooters in the league do it.  So, we will see what happens.

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Checking out the best shooters

Today’s post is centered on the idea of checking out the top shooters and seeing if I can identify the fundamentals that I teach.  This really shouldn’t be that hard, because you can just watch the shot and see if they are doing what I am teaching my girls.

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Practice Today

Like i’ve said before, we have been incorporating Pro Shot Shooting into our practices here at the high school.  It can be a tough thing to accomplish.  The girls are so use to crappy shooting fundamentals that they want to fight everything that we try to introduce!

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The Art of Shooting

Ok players.  So yesterday I introduced you guys to this new concept in shooting a basketball.  It was the Pro Shot Shooting system developed my coach hoover.  I have been incorporating this into my coaching style when instructing our shooters here in high school.  I coach girls high school basketball.

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First Post –

Ok, so we are off and running my friends!  I decided on a sweet theme for this blog.  I love the game of basketball and even coach it at the high school level too.  I found a new shooting program that NOONE buys into until they see it for themselves.  The old style, change is bad, is a thing of the past bro’s and sis’.  Follow with me and I will take you down the path.

Pro Shot Shooting System

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